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Impact assessment of ITS and C-ITS systems

Learn about methods for evaluating ITS and C-ITS.

About this course

Welcome to our course on impact assessment of ITS and impacts of selected ITS and C-ITS systems. In this course, you’ll learn about methods for evaluating ITS and C-ITS. Participants will also become familiar with the impacts of a number of ITS and C-ITS systems and services, including impacts on traffic efficiency, fuel consumption, emissions, traffic safety. This course is intended for someone who wants to get a general overview of impact assessments and familiarised with possible impacts of ITS and C-ITS.

You’ll learn

  • Methods of impact evaluation
  • Techniques for measuring impacts through monitoring and evaluation
  • Impacts on traffic efficiency, fuel consumption, emissions, and traffic safety of selected ITS and CITS systems and services

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The Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) is devoted to the promotion and execution of transport research. The main scope of CERTH‐HIT is to provide state‐of‐the‐art research and create innovation in the field of transport in Greece and abroad. CERTH-HIT objectives include all issues in the field of urban mobility, dealing with the collection, maintenance and management of traffic and other relevant data, algorithms development for the simulation or mathematical representation of transport operations, evaluation of the operation of transport systems via appropriate indicators (KPIs), demand forecasting and management, organizational and operational issues, sustainable urban mobility planning, new technologies in Transport (ITS & C-ITS), transportation systems’ organizational and operational issues, transport safety (policy formulation, statistical data, infrastructure improvement), environmental and energy impacts of the transportation systems and transport policy issues.

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