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ITS2: ITS and C-ITS user services

Learn about interoperability, testing and certification of ITS and C-ITS services.

About this course

This online training course focuses on cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) user services. It provides a concise and clear overview of the existing and new C-ITS services designed for not only professional drivers, but also for normal drivers. Here you will have a chance to learn the benefits and challenges of these services. This training also offers some succinct insight on cooperation and exchange of data between professional drivers and public authority C-ITS services. It looks at the issues of C-ITS user acceptance for non-professional drivers. This is a very new and therefore fast moving area of research but the module outlines work and findings to date, and gives some ideas for the future. We also cover best practice in communicating C-ITS facts and benefits in a comprehensible and attractive way to the general public.

The training program will address five main questions, namely:

  • Which are the ITS and C-ITS services designed for professional drivers
  • What is the essence and conditions for C-ITS cooperation between of public authorities and professional drivers
  • Which are the ITS and C-ITS services for non-professional drivers
  • What are the main issues around user acceptance of C-ITS services for non-professional drivers
  • How can we best communicate the benefits of ITS to the general public

You’ll learn

  • ITS and C-ITS services for professional drivers
  • How these services work
  • What is needed for cooperation of C-ITS services between public authorities and drivers
  • ITS and C-ITS services for non-professional drivers
  • How to build user acceptance of these services among non-professional drivers
  • The best way of communicating the benefits of ITS and C-ITS to the general public

Meet the instructor


Monica Giannini, IRU Projects

Monica has a master degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialisation in Control Automation. Before joining ERTICO she has worked in private companies in the field of industrial automation and ICT for public transport. She also coordinated activities of research and innovation for the International Road Transport Union in Brussels. With several years of work on the field Monica has developed her experience in ITS and C-ITS through collaboration with public and private stakeholders on multimodality, ICT platforms for mobility, routing, planning, ticketing and payment systems.

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This course was developed by the CAPITAL project, which received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 724106.